Lost your Honda Motorcycle or Scooter Key?  No worries!  Making replacement keys for these scooters is COMMONPLACE for me and usually only takes about 20-30 minutes.  I have worked on so many of these, I feel like a Honda employee! 

I love to work on Honda motorcycles and scooters, they are usually pretty straight forward and I stock almost all of the keyblanks Honda uses, including the weird little steering wheel lock key,..

Honda makes some pretty cool scooters and motorcycles.  The Honda Metropolitan, the Ruckus and the Helix are examples of Honda scooters at their best.  One thing about these scooters is their keys.  Their keys are so long and skinny, they are easy to break or lose.  They keys need to be that long because the ignitions are recessed in the dash panel.   Finding the correct keyblank can be tough, as none of the suppliers I know in Denver stock them, they must be ordered.  I keep at least 5 in stock of both keyblanks possible for these scooters!  

lost honda metropolitan ruckus helix key

On the Honda Metropolitan, Ruckus and Helix, the key should work all the locks.  It should work the igntion, the gas cap and any seat lock or helmet lock.   If you have one of these scooters and are down to only one key, I recommend calling me at 720-310-5625 to get a copy ASAP!!!  

If you have lost your keys for one of these models, the replacement cost is $50 for the first key, $5 for each additional copy.  Add $25 service call if you need me to come to you.  You can bring the scooter to me and save the $25 service call***, that is done BY APPOINTMENT ONLY, call 720-310-LOCK!


Honda Models include: Reflex (TLR200), Phantom (TA200), Sport (CB200), Scrambler (CL200), Fatcat (TR200), Roadmaster (CD200), Honda TLR200, Juno KA/KB, CD250U, CM250C, CM250T, Nighthawk (CB250), Rebel (CMX250C, CMX250CD), CR250R, Elsinore , CR250M), Integra (VT250F), Big Ruckus (PS250), Dream (CB250), Hornet (CB250F), CB250 G5, Super Dream (CB250N), CBR250, MVX250F (MC09), NSR250R (MC16, MC18, MC21, MC28), Reflex (NSS250), NX250/AX-1, Spada (VT250L, MC20), XR250R, CBF250, CBR250R (MC41), CJ250T, Dream (C70), Dream (C71, C72), Hawk (CB72), Helix (CN250), Sport (CB250), CB250RS, VTR250 (Interceptor and MC33), XL250, XRE300, Dream (C76, C77), Scrambler (CL77), Super Hawk (CB77), CB350 K4 , OHC vertical twin, twin CV carbs (Green only, UK), Four (CB350F), Sport (CB350), XL350R, Scrambler (CL360), Sport (CB360, CB360T), CL400, NS400R, CB400N, Hawk (CB400T, CB400T II), CM400, CB-1 (CB400F, NC27), RVF400R (NC35), VF400F (NC13), VFR400 , NC30), CBR400RR (NC23, NC29), CBX400, (Bros) NT400, Four (CB400F), Scrambler (CL450), Sport/Hellcat (CB450), Nighthawk , CB450SC), Hondamatic (CM450A), Rebel (CMX450), CRF450R, CB450DX (CB450N/PC14), Ascot (VT500, VT500FT), Ascot (FT500), CX500, Four (CB500), Interceptor (VF500F), Magna V30 (VF500C), NSR500, Silver Wing (GL500), Sport (CB500 twin), Tourist Trophy , GB500), Turbo (CX500), XBR500, Four (CB550F), Nighthawk (CB550SC), 599, CB600F also known as Hornet, and 599, CBF600N, CBF600S, Hurricane (CBR600F), Honda CBR600F2, Honda CBR600F3, CBR600F4i, CBR600RR, Shadow (VT600C VLX), Transalp (XL600V), XR600R (offroad), Four (CB650), Deauville (NT650V), CBX650, Bros/HawkGT (NT650),NTV/Revere (NTV650), Nighthawk (CB650SC), Silver Wing (GL650), Transalp (XL650V), Turbo (CX650T), Africa Twin (RD03), XR650L, Nighthawk (CB700SC), Honda DN-01, Deauville (NT700V), Transalp (XL700V), Honda NC700D Integra, Four (CB750), Hondamatic (CB750A), Africa Twin (RD07), CBX750,  Interceptor (VF750F, VFR750), Magna (VF750C V45), Magna Deluxe (VF750CD), Nighthawk (CB750, CB750SC), VFR750R RC30, RVF750 RC45, NR 750, XLV750R, RC212V, Interceptor (VFR800FI), Pacific Coast (PC800), Crossrunner, CBR900RR including CBR954RR, Custom (CB900C), Super Sport (CB900F) aka 919, RC211V, Gold Wing (GL1000), CB1000, CB1000R, CBF1000, CBR1000RR, Custom (CB1000C), CBX1000, Firestorm (VTR1000), Hurricane (CBR1000F), RC51 , RVT1000R), Honda VTR1000f (aka Super Hawk aka Firestorm), Super Sport (CBX), VTR1000R (RVT1000) SP1 & SP2 RC51, XL1000V , aradero, Gold Wing (GL1100), CBR1100XX, Magna (VF1100C V65), Sabre (VF1100S V65), Pan-European (ST1100), Super Sport (CB1100F), Racing Modified CB1100F (CB1100R), X11 (CB1100SF), Gold Wing (GL1200), VFR1200F, CB1300, Pan-European (ST1300), Gold Wing (GL1500), Valkyrie (GL1500C/F6C), Gold Wing (GL1800), Beat (FC50), Super Cub C100, CA100, C102, C50, Sports , 110, C111. C110D, C114, CB50, Dio, Elite E, Elsinore (MR50), Express (NC50), Hunter Cub (CT50), MB5, MB50, Metropolitan Jazz (CHF , 0), Metropolitan II (CHF50P), Motra (CT50), MT5, MT50, NCZ50 also known as Motocompo, Spree (NQ50), Mini Trail (Z50A), Mini Trail , Z50M), Mini Trail (Z50R)49, Mini Trail (Z50J), Moped (P50, P25), Moped (PA50/Hobbit/Camino), Moped (PC50, PS50), SS50, Trail 50 (C100H, , 100T, CA100T), XR50R, ZB50, Zoomer/Ruckus (NPS50), Super Cub C105, CD105, Honda C115 Sports, Trail 55 (C105H, C105T, CA105T), Super Cub C65, S65, C70 Passport, CD70, Motosport (SL70), ST70, CT70 Trail 70, Scrambler (CL70), Aero 80 (NH80), XR80, CR85R Expert), Super Cub C90 (12 volt), Super Cub CM90, Honda Trail 90 C200, Trail 90 (CT200), Super Cub CM91, C90 (6 , olt), CD90,Trail 90 (CT90) , S90 CS90, Sport 90, Super 90, Super Cub C100EX, Bravo, Scrambler (CL100), H100S Super, Bali also known as , J 100, Dio/Lead, Trail 110 (CT110), Activa, Aviator, CB Twister, CB110, Dream Yuga, XRM, Super Cub 110, MT125R, Super Sport (CG125), CLR125 "CityFly", CM125, Elsinore (CR125M), Juno M80, Honda LS125R, NSR125 (JC20, JC21), Scrambler (CL125), Varadero , XL125V), Aero & Lead (NH125), CBR125, CB125, Atlas Honda CG125, Dylan 125, Innova (ANF125), Pantheon FES125, PCX125, RC143, Rebel, Shine, Sonic, Super Sport (CB125), Super Sport (SS125), CRF150R, CRF150R Expert, CRF150F, Unicorn,CBR150R , Pantheon (FES150), NSR150, SH150, SH150i,TMX155 , Juno M85, CD175, Super Sport (CB175), XL175, Juno K